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Japan has one of the most advanced IT and Communications markets in the world. Home to many world-renowned electronics brands, Japan has been at the advent of new technologies for many years as a country of early adopting consumers.

Japan was at the forefront of the early take up of mobile communications, personal entertainment systems and computer electronics, although it often developed national rather than global networks. Recent years have seen a reversal of this trend, and a rise in the importance of global standard technologies which offer greater integration with worldwide markets.

Export to Japan, IT& Communications, 2018

Technological advances have brought about a change known as the fourth industrial revolution that today is driving the digitalization. In 2016, the Japanese Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI) released the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan. The Basic Plan includes the goal to realize, by 2020, a super-smart society. This broad shift is being referred to as Society 5.0 and will be led by innovations in science and technology. 

EU-Japan Centre, Society 5.0 Strategy in Japan, 2018

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